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Sue Beyer


Sue Beyer

Agency Principal

Sue Beyer, the owner of Better Buyer Insurance, began her business as an answer to helping people. Her college degree from the University of Wisconsin - Stout is in education, a lifelong passion to make sure that people learn to make wise decisions. Her early professional career was in retail, in which she perfected the task of listening to clients and matching products to the customer’s needs, while educating them on value. The next step was to combine these skills in a career as an insurance agent. For over 18 years Sue helped clients as a captive agent for a major insurance company. Her listening and educating skills led her to be one of the most successful agents in that company. She has won honors for being in the top 1/3rd in the company for 10 consecutive years, and has been entered into the company hall of fame, #3 in the state of AZ for Profit, including life sales honors and agent of the month awards continuously. She has an impressive wall of fame as she calls it. Yet, Sue realized that representing only one company may not yield the best product for her clients, so Sue left that company to be an independent agent and the company called Better Buyer Insurance was created. By partnering with dozens of companies, Sue can research what's best for her clients and obtain the best policies at the best price for each individual situation. Insurance can be puzzling, but with Sue Beyer her aim is to solve the insurance puzzle and you can be confident that you will be a "better buyer with Sue Beyer".

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